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CompuService Plus Corp.

Data Recovery

At Compuservice Plus Corp. we implement a system of processes to recover data from a damaged hard drive. In order to do this, you must first contact us via e-mail. Once we have given you feedback for your request, you can then send us your media. Once we receive it, we will then begin diagnosing your media to determine what has gone wrong. As soon as we find any further information about your media, we will then contact you with any updated information.

Logical Data

The Hard drive has been damaged or is corrupted because of a virus attack or user error. The recovery also includes repaired driver related issues such as system files missing or corrupted and hard drive failure. There is no need to physically repair the hard drive.

Drive Error

The hard drive cannot be recognized by the computer and any data stored on it cannot be read.

Physical Data Recovery

There is physical damage apparent on the hard drive which renders the data unreadable. Strange sounds and noises occur when the computer attempts to read the drive or when the computer is on. The damaged components of the hard drive must be replaced.